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Snowball Express

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Do you remember Lt. Dan from the movie, Forrest Gump? Well, he became a real-life hero giving back to veterans and their families in creating the Gary Sinise Foundation. This nonprofit organization offers a variety of programs and services honoring military, first responders and their families in need.

One of their programs that serves the children of the fallen military heroes is called the Snowball Express. Since 2017, this program has brought children (ages 5-18) of the fallen and their surviving parent to a five day all-expense paid trip to Disney. Due to COVID-19, a virtual event was held this past December 2020, but we were still supported all weekend long in a variety of programs and seminars.

The first night was kicked off with a greeting by Gary Sinise and celebrity guests such as Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hanks, and Chris Pratt followed with a David Copperfield magician show. Over the new two days there was a variety of virtual events such as a kids & teen lounge, LEGO class with Jessica Ewud, LEGO Masters finalist, meeting world-class chef, Robert Irvine, informational seminars from some of the many organizations that are listed on my resource page, and a concert performed by the Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band.

It was a memorable weekend of honoring our heroes especially in the Remembrance Garden and Walk of Gratitude down the street of Disney Land with Mickey and characters. Also a good mix of fun activities to bring some joy to the holiday season. My kids and I can’t wait to actually attend the live event at Disney World someday!

To learn more and register to become part of the Snowball Express Community, sign up in the link below.

Much love and gratitude,


Walk of Gratitude

Remembrance Garden

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