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How to Help a Grieving Friend

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Thought this topic would be helpful to the family and friends of someone grieving. I didn’t want to recreate a list that already exists since I saw this article and thought it was spot on.

In addition, below are some of my own personal tips to help a grieving friend since they will not know what they need or want during those darkest days.

1. Elect a point person to be the gatekeeper of requests and condolences. This is so important especially in the beginning days where everything is overwhelming and unbearable to comprehend.

2. Start a meal train or set up a food delivery service on their behalf. The best food delivery services for me were local home cooked meals or prepared meal delivery services that just need to be reheated such as Freshly.

3. Send groceries to be delivered through services such as Instacart or even hand delivered and left at their door step or point person.

4. Send gifts cards for food delivery services such as Door Dash and and Uber Eats. Just make sure the delivery and take-out service are available where they live.

5. Offer to call and cancel services that are attached to their loved one’s account. This will be a huge burden off their shoulders and their daunting checklist.

6. Provide babysitting assistance if they have children. Whether it’s an hour or more, having others play with their children while they are grieving is vital to their healing process.

The biggest takeaway here is to just show up, be present for them, and show some love. Before this happened to me, I always thought it would overwhelm a grieving person to reach out to them but actually not saying or doing anything at all causes more loneliness through this process. It could even be as simple as a text to say, “I’m thinking of you”.

Much love and gratitude,


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